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With your stripes and awesome hairstyle you’ll look just the part in the fanciest parts of the French capital! Roblox SNOW FRESH! Your outfit is perfect for tearing down a snowy mountain and looks stylish with a hot chocolate! Roblox CITY CHIC! This fashionable tshirt and fancy trousers are just thing to wear while shopping in London!.

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And more often than not moments from her videos become popular memeable moments like this great one But none have been more widespread and legendary than the “And I oop” meme For context Missing robloxMust include.

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Oop like oops and ope is a in interjection conveying such emotions as surprise or acknowledging a mistake The video and phrase went viral in March 2019 on Twitter User @cherryemoticon used a clip of Masters saying And I oop as a reaction to the comment “When you’re telling your parents a crazy story and you almost snitch on yourself”Missing robloxMust include.


ROBLOX FASHION FAMOUS This set includes four figures and interchangeable parts and accessories from PixelatedCandy’s “Fashion Famous” game on Roblox including an exclusive virtual item code Mix and match the accessories to create unique styles.

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And I Oop RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Jasmine Masters posted a rant in which she hilariously interrupts herself with an “And I oop —Missing robloxMust include.