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Roblox How To Shorten Numbers. Hi I&#39m trying to make a script that shortens the number so it changes to “1m” Value < 1000000000 then local shortened = tostring(cash. Roblox Sued By National Music Publishers Association Billboard roblox how to shorten numbers
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In this video I show you how to ABBREVIATE NUMBERS! Roblox Studio is a game development tool that uses Lua to allow users to create .

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I need help making the numbers shorter like (example 1000 will be 1K) My game called Part Land https//webrobloxcom/games/4646605474.

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Hello everyone I just did made something and decided “Why not show everyone how I did it?” Sometimes a player&#39s stats in game can reach .

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Javascript answers related to “roblox checking if number is int” js truncate string js check if the value is number check is given string is number .

Roblox Sued By National Music Publishers Association Billboard

[Tutorial] How to shorten numbers in GUIs or leaderstats!

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To use BigNums DO NOT use any intvalues/numbervalues Instead you could use a stringvalue turn it to a number using tonumber() and abbreviate .