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Roblox Treelands How To Get Purple Crystals. NewFissy is a Roblox game developer known for developing Adopt Me! and TreeLands under the groups DreamCraft and Fissy Games He is also the developer of The Roblox Plague The development of TreeLands has been discontinued due to of the death of one of the developers behind it and complications.

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SummaryLocationsTipsThe Orange Crystal was added in the Christmas update It has a rather quick respawn rate allowing for lots of crystals to be collected in one night A maximum of nine crystals can be collected per night but a torchcan be used to help navigate the dark caves and the Orange Crystal’s glow makes it easier to locate The orange crystal cave is at the top of a steep road jus.

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A coconut is a fruit grown on palm trees Coconuts grow every season on palm trees and can be obtained by harvesting them There can be up to three coconuts on a tree at a time and whenever a coconut is harvested there is a 4% chance of getting an additional palm tree sapling It takes 6 minutes for a coconut to grow and 18 minutes for all three coconuts to grow Coconuts were.

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Where Are Durians In Treelands? The bananas on this jungle farm can be spawned close to the bridge going right to the river The Banana trees and Watermelon patch can be spawn near the Mountain of Durians A spotted dragon flies close to the Plum tree where durians thrive There is also a route connecting Purple red green and blue crystal caves.