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Roblox Udim2 Different Devices. The sizes and positions of GUI objects use values called UDim2 Those are made of X and Y and both X and Y are made of a Scale value and an Offset value Say you have an UDim2 with the following properties X Scale = 0 X Offset = 250 Y Scale = 008 Y Offset = 20 It would be represented as {{0 250} {008 20}} in the properties window.

Roblox Group Ranking Glitch By Ciockw1se roblox udim2 different devices
Roblox Group Ranking Glitch By Ciockw1se from Roblox Group Ranking Glitch by cIockw1se

Current supported devices Apple iOS iPad 2 or higher iPhone 4s or higher and iPod touch 5th Generation iOS 9 or greater is required Android The Roblox application supports Android OS 50 and higher Note On June 16th 2021 Roblox will no longer support Android 44 The new minimum version required will be Android 50 Amazon Fire OS.

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The main type of device having this is mobile phones Make sure you are using scale and not offset Else you’re going to face some scaling issues hey actually you can make 2 different Gui and a script that detects mobile players then disables the PC/Console Gui And Enable Mobile Gui.

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I’m trying to set the position of a mobile button right next to the jump button but using scale nor offset works and the button appears in different places on all devices contextActionServiceSetPosition(“testButton”UDim2new(040080)) In the studio.

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Update as of 01/08/2022 Bug status Has stopped since November 3rd for me Flamingo had the problem in one of his recent videos Error 264 I’ve had a few disconnections lately that have made no sense what so ever I’ve been disconnecting from the game with a disconnection message The message displays the text “Error Same account launched from.

Roblox Group Ranking Glitch By Ciockw1se

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