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White Jeans Roblox. It is a pair of dark green jeans with a pair of black and white sneakers These Roblox Pants were published in avatar shop in Jan 2014 It has been favorited 27353 times and you can still enjoy this item Code 144076760 Black Jean With Sneakers.

White Jeans White Top Roblox Speed Design Youtube white jeans roblox
White Jeans White Top Roblox Speed Design Youtube from youtube.com

Roblox Pants Codes are codes that you can put in the Roblox Catalog to unlock Jeans for your characters such as Nike & Adidas Blue Red or Black & White Jeans There are a lot of types of jeans for boys and girls too!.

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Pants in Roblox is a wearable item for a character that is available in a long list to choose the onePants are similar to an object which can be applied to a player’s character to show the items (specifically pants) they own Pants in Roblox are made available to select the best attire for your character and design the unique costume by making different outfit combinations out of many.

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HI guys this is my first video! I made this outfit for you all to buy if you want!top https//wwwrobloxcom/catalog/5187005740/puritybottom https//wwwr.

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Description Jeans so classic so cool Jeans with Red Kicks (formerly the Black Jeans with Red Kicks) are pants that were published in the avatar shop by Roblox on February 3 2016 They never went onsale and were instead manually awarded to roadblocks and chewbeccca As of July 17 2019 it has been favorited 30154 times.

White Jeans White Top Roblox Speed Design Youtube

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